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Links from your old blog posts now point to 404 pages?

Google’s search results have gotten worse for you for some reason?

Just want to save someone’s drunk Facebook posts before they get deleted?

Well, well. You have come to the right place.

Save the entire web page.

Search the full text content.

Remember how babby formed.

Build-your-own search engine. Once you’ve saved enough pages, your archive becomes a personal search engine. Time Capsule indexes your saved pages, and you can set it as a custom browser search shortcut.

Save web pages as web pages. Screenshots? You can’t select the text or click the links. Bookmarks? The original web pages get revised or removed all the time. Even PDF can’t run interactive content. Web pages can do all of these.

It’s just HTML. So your saved pages are always portable. You can put them on a thumb drive, double click to open them on any machine, using any browser, without any external requirements like an addon or internet access.

Free mobile apps. The Time Capsule apps are free for your data-hoarding needs. Only pay if you need to use the server for syncing or sharing your saved pages.

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Access your saved pages across all your devices. Export your archive as HTML files. Save pages directly with the browser extensions.

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